How to change from uppercase to lowercase in Word keyboard shortcut?

Do you want to make the changes from uppercase to lowercase? In Word you will have that possibility and option. No matter how simple it is, you can do it step by step.

Through the use of the software you will be able to make changes and implement modifications through the Microsoft editor. However, you will have to access the menu option to make the relevant changes.

Through the usability of the option you will be able to toggle between upper and lower case options and implement it in the digital texts.

Steps to change from uppercase to lowercase in Word shortcut

Steps to change from uppercase to lowercase in Word shortcut

To make changes from upper case to lower case of any text in a document, you will have to carry out a couple of steps such as:

  • Choose the text to modify.
  • Go to the home section and press the change option.
  • Choose to use upper and lower case on the first letter of the sentence (select it).
  • Excludes the other letters, without shading them. You should only use the option between upper and lower case, excluding the others.
  • Apply the uppercase + F3 combination, that is, use the shift key and without releasing it use F3 to increase the size of the letters.
  • Use the same combination for the text you select and decrease its size to lower case.

Advantages of using the Word shortcut to change from uppercase to lowercase

Select the texts to make the modifications You will have to select the text to make the respective modifications. With this you can indicate what is changed and what remains the same.

Indicates the changes to be made within the digital content In this way, you will be able to keep track and indicate if the changes will be punctual or completely within the text.

Make modifications without limitationst

You can make changes, without complications. With this, you can add or remove upper or lower case within the text as many times as you consider necessary.

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